Episode 7: Raspberry Pi B Setup


Episode 6: Lion OSX on a Thumbdrive


Episode 5: Making an ISO


Episode 4: Making a Windows 7 Thumbdrive


Episode 3:

Welcome back junior scientist, welcome to mad jackal labs..  In this episode, I shall be showing you how to make a Bootable Dos Drive. Amaze your friends, reinstall bios, or just mess around on dos with loads of retro games and programs. Thats right folks, a full dos “box” in your pocket.

Rufus (FYI!!! Rufus comes with freedos and MS-Dos included)


Episode 2:

Here in one of many thumb drive episodes, a whole series have you! Here I’ll show you how to make a bootable, install disc of Windows XP one a thumb drive!!! Again, redundant I know… Links below for stuff and things!!


Episode 1:

Here, we see how to do a basic set up for the raspberry pi. Plan, simple, and won’t put you to sleep!!! More to come and remember… this is all an experiment …

EDIT: For mobile users, make sure to connect to your wifi network at the top of your interface!!Where to Buy The Raspberry Pi Zero (When the bastards have it in stock…)

Instructions and links below!

Raspbian OS Download Link

Windows Disk Imager

Apple Pi Baker Disk Imager


Raspain Config = sudo rasps-config

Update = sudo apt-get update

Upgrade = sudo apt-get upgrade

Reboot = sudo reboot


Shut Down = sudo shutdown

(Duh, the sequal)
Desktop GUI = starts


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