Welcome to The Strange. For those of you who were unaware, the macabre mastermind Johnny Hellfire and myself have been hard at work on a rare oddity that will change the paranormal scene completely, and take the world by storm. We’re taking “paranormal investigation” to an entire new level.. venturing out not only locally, but doing extensive research and compiling evidence of phenomena all across the United States. Tales that have gone untold, until now.. bringing to light otherworldly beings that have roamed, hiding in the shadows for millennia.. some lurking no further than your own front door. This page is to keep you up to date with our newest killer content, behind the screams, I mean, scenes peeks, and more. A place where you can find our own personal case files for further reading, in depth discussions, and much more. Welcome to our world, strangelings.. entrance yourselves within our dream.. Although some of you may consider it to be your nightmares personified.

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